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Shamanism resources and links.

Different forms of shamanism are found around the world, and practitioners are also known as medicine men or women.

Recommended Shamanism Reading and Links

Jan Friesis
A German occultist, freestyle shaman, and author of several books. Jan Fries is credited with coining the term freestyle shamanism in reference to a style of magic that emphasizes trance and closeness to nature, but instead of roots in a shamanic tradition, draws from individual experience in a way akin to chaos magic. He notes the Zos Kia Cultus, Maat Magick and Taoism as his chief influences.

Serge Kahili King
Another well known author of books about shamanism.



Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions
By John Fire Lame Deer. One of the best sources of information on this subject is the story of a Lakota (Sioux) wicasa wakan ("medicine man") recorded in this book produced with his cooperation.

Mircea Eliade's Shamanism
Eliade puts the whole area of shamanic religious experience and practice into a broad historical and ethnographic context.

Native American Culture For more information about Native American Culture see Wikipedia's section on Native American Culture.

Shamanism General Resources

Dance of the Deer Foundation
The mission of the Dance of the Deer Foundation Center for Shamanic Studies is to preserve the Huichol culture and its shamanic practices and traditions.
Den of ZaWolfSpirit
Dedicated to shamanism in all its aspects, with a penchant towards Wolf.
The Foundation for Shamanic Studies
A non profit educational organization founded by Michael Harner. Includes the Way of the Shaman Basic Workshop, Advanced Shamanic Training, Books, Videos and Tapes.
Metista Teachings and Techniques
Describes the path of Metista including tools, practices, prayers, and rites.
Path Of The Feather
Teaches techniques of shamanic journeys and the use of medicine wheels and spirit animals.
The Raven Lodge
Shamanic resource center for shamanic and personal development with details of a home study course, bookstore, craft-work section, news-letter, down-loads section and articles.
Sacred Hoop Magazine
List of contents of this UK magazine on Shamanism, Animism, earth wisdom, native spirituality and ecology, with some material online. Also shopping.
A journal of the International Society for Shamanistic Research, published semiannually with original articles, reviews of current books, films, videos, records, tapes and CDs, accounts of works in progress and announcements of coming events. Contents of previous and forthcoming issues and information on ordering.
Shaman Links
Provides educational information and links to information on shamanism. Also links to shamanic practitioners, teachers, and teaching organizations listed by city and state or country.
Shaman Sapience
Forum boards on shamanism, mediumship and other associated topics.
Shamanic Ecstasy
A general overview of shamanism plus newsgroup FAQs. Includes information on ayahuasca and other shamanic hallucinogens.
Shamanism and Animal Spirits
Throughout the world, shamans work with animal spirits to gain their wisdom and be healed by their spirits. Learn about 200 animal helpers with graphics and text.
Shamanism FAQs
A collection of FAQs regarding shamanism.
Totems Animals and Familiars
Information on using animals in Native American shamanic practices.
Wolf Lodge
Robert Ghost Wolf and Wolf Lodge present information, knowledge, healing, enlightenment, prophecy, Indigenous culture, truth and wisdom.

Native American Religion and Spirituality

American Indian Religion and Spirituality
Essay by a Osage theologian on the religious traditions of various native peoples.
American Indian Religious Rights Foundation
International organization defending freedom of religion and basic religious rights of Native American Indians.
Asatru and Native American Spirituality
Article by an Asatru practitioner on similarities between traditional tribal European and Native American religions.
The Bear's Byte Home Page
Information about religious groups, traditional herbs, stories, prophecies, and various aspects of native spirituality from a Ho-Chunk author.
The Difference Between Wicca, Witchcraft, New Age, and American Indian Religions
Article from a prominent Wiccan organization explaining the differences between paganism, new age, and Native American spirituality.
Native American Religion
Overview of different beliefs and rituals, the concept of religious experience and background information of Native American religions.
Native American Religion in Early America
Historical essays aimed at educators, with pictures and links.
Native American Sisters
Description of Native American spirituality, with quotes from Indian religious figures and excerpts from a book by a Lakota Sioux nun.
Native American Spirituality
Essay about land-based spirituality, creation mythology and immanence.
Native American Spirituality
A general overview with quotes, essays, and links.
Native Wisdom
Article by Nora Bunce, an eastern Cherokee woman, on the religious beliefs of her people.
Religious Movements: Native American Religion
A gateway to accessing web-based, as well as print, resources about the religions of Native American Indians.
The Road to Nazlini
Video about traditional American Indian religious practices.
Seeking Native American Spirituality: Read This First!
Cautionary note for seekers of American Indian spirituality.
Shamanism: It Ain't Native American Religion!
Explanation of the difference between Eurasian shamanism and American Indian religion, by a shamanic devotee.
Spirit Path
A twice-monthly newsletter dedicated to American Indian spirituality and other information.
Summary of Native American Religions
School paper about the religion of the Iroquois Nation, Dakota (Sioux) and Apache tribes.
Woodpecker Productions
Three documentaries on indigenous spirituality.

Native American Vision Quest Resources

Animas Valley Institute
Vision quests, rites of passage, wilderness programs, and nature retreats in the Four Corners area of the United States, includes program schedule, events, guides, and a discussion forum.
Offers vision quests and workshops. Located in Corte Madera, CA.
Earth Mother Awareness
Wilderness vision quest programs. Also offering rites of passage ceremonies and survival workshops.
FootSteps Vision Quest
Questing for personal vision and wilderness rites of passage, offers woodlands, desert, and ocean quests throughout Canada.
Journey Into Wholeness Vision Quest
Jungian Vision Quests in Temagami, ON.
Modern Day Vision Quests
Article explaining modern vision quests, the general purpose, what to expect, and personal experiences of a few people who have undetaken this rite of passage.
Mother Earth Adventures
Vision quests and sweat lodges in Illinois.
Northern California Men's Center Vision Quests
Vision quests led by Gary Plep.
A center for Being, integrating creativity and spirituality in the healing process. Located in Pensacola, Florida.
Rites of Passage Council
Offers Vision Quests and other programs for soul centered evolution in the southeast. Located in Asheville, NC.
Rites of Passage Presents the Vision Quest
Rites of Passage, Inc. offers Vision Quest programs that bring people into the wilderness for healing of Self and World.
Sacred Mesa
Spiritual retreats in mystical Christian and shamanic traditions with contemplative prayer, lectio divina, soul journeys, sweat lodge, vision quest. Women's healing and workplace spirituality. Located in Sedona, AZ.
School of Lost Borders
Offers vision fasts and rites of initiation. Located in California.
School of Natural Wonder
Offering Adult and Youth Vision Quests and Wilderness Rites of Passage in Vermont and New Mexico.
21st Century Vision Quests
UK based programs for vision quests and rites of passage traditions.
Temagami Vision Quest
An experience of the unfolding of the Self within the container of nature and close community. Uses myth, metaphor, and deep Jungian dreamwork.
Vision Arrow
Offers vision quests and workshops dedicated to personal growth, spiritual development, wilderness exploration. these adventures are held in the Utah Canyons, northeastern Pennsylvania, Highlands of Scotland, and the Sahara Desert.
The Vision Quest
A sacred rite of passage and a quest for vision, guidance, and renewal in nature conducted throughout the United States, includes enrollment information, facilitator background, and other related workshops.
Vision Quest
Information regarding vision quests, their purpose, and how to prepare for the journey.
Visions Suche
Offering the ancient rite of passage in Germany. Includes team information and event schedule.
Wilderness Guides Council
A list of worldwide vision quest programs.
Wilderness Reflections
Offers transformative wilderness journeys including vision quests, rites-of-passage and corporate teambuilding. Located in Woodacre, Ca.
Wilderness Rites Vision Quest
Offers a variety of earth-based healing practices related to this ancient way of being with nature. Based in Talent, Oregon.

Contemporary Shamanism

Animal Spirits
Shamans work with their allies--the animal spirits. Learn the wisdom of over three hundred of these spiritual teachers.
Beautiful Mutants
Ross Heaven Shamanic Practitioner

Ross Heaven Shamanic Practitioner. Books, articles, extracts and workshops by Ross Heaven
Black Lightning Lodge
Black Lightning Lodge provides teachings and ceremonies of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in the Toronto area.
Brooke Medicine Eagle
An Earth wisdom teacher and catalyst for wholeness, ceremonial leader, sacred ecologist, Feng Shui practitioner, and author. Includes calendar of events and information about her work.
Circle of the Living Earth
A shamanic educational and healing congregation.
Circle of the Sacred Earth
A shamanic church founded in 1990 offering religious ceremonies both traditional and non-traditional, spiritual healing, and training in shamanism. Ministers are in 20+ states and 6 foreign countries.
Crow City Totem Generator
Find out your native British totem/power animal
Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society
A metis organization, DTMMS offers opportunities for ceremony, healing and the study of shamanism through books, tapes, workshops and articles related to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.
Dermot O'Hara The Celtic Shaman
A full time Shaman practicing from his lodge in Ireland. He conducts ceremony and ritual of the old traditions honouring the Celtic celebrations of the ancestors of Eire. He is also available for workshops and sessions worldwide.
Eagle's Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism
With Leo Rutherford and Howard G. Charing, features articles, workshop and course listings, and links to other sites. Eagle's Wing is one of the leading centres of Contemporary Shamanism in Europe.
Earth Shamans
Shamanism and shamanic teachings, offers ways for people to become aware of their potential, and to explore shaman spiritual relationship to the world and themselves.
Five Shaman Circles of San Francisco
Shamans in SF working to heal ourselves and the Earth through ritual, individual and group work, especially healing of religious trauma and dysfunction.
Four Winds Society, Inc.
Classes and in-depth training programs in Inka shamanism.
FoxFire Institute of Shamanic Studies
School of experiential Shamanism, healing arts and traditional medicine. Articles, links and a mailing list.
Grand Father Michael the Celtic Shaman
Grandfather Michael is a Celtic Shaman and Druid Elder, who teaches and heals and is a World Peace Leader.
Heal Your Life Today Through Spirit Quest
Take the Native American approach to healing your life. Spirit Quest, the Native American way for getting in touch with your destiny, can help you.
The International School of Shamanism
Information on Shamanism; also group meeting and instruction details. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Joan Forest Mage, Contemporary Urban Shaman
Blends ancient and modern shamanic traditions including energy work, soul retrieval, journeying, and trance states.
Mayan Shamanic Healing
Information on the healing practices of a Mayan shamanic healer, Mary Kay LeFevour.
Native Pathways Church
A religious organization founded holistic tribal systems of worship and contemporary shamanism. Membership packets available.
The Pyramid Mesa
The teachings and knowledge of the Old ways, with stories, legends, prophecies, and prayers.
The Raven Lodge of North America
An organization that offers "Shamana", a course in contemporary shamanism, shamanic services, and spiritual development for individuals and groups.
Offers insights from the shaman, as well as updated information about his practice.
Shaman World
Shamanic consultations, classes, counseling and spiritual tools that encourage connection to your intuition and personal spirit world.
Shamanic Resources
Shamanic FAQs, articles, links, and books focusing on pursuing the shaman's calling in all lives.
Shamanism Ireland
Shamanism Ireland offers training courses in the healing journey of celtic shamanic practice.
Shaman's Song
This page is in honor of the shamanic tradition which I believe underlies all human religions and belief systems, as shamanism has been practiced on every inhabited continent in the world since paleolithic times.
Sixa369's Magickal Page Library
A Magicakal Library with original writings, art and poetry. A focus on healing and awakening punctuates this page.
Society of Celtic Shamans
Dedicated to reconstructing the shamanic practices of the Celts.
Spirituality and Art
Describes the Community Shamanic Drumming and Healing Circle. Some info for contact and having a workshop in your area. Some Paintings are shown as well
Spirituality Page: Shamanism
Quick access links to "Zen, the Buddha, and Shamanism" as well as "The Power of the Shaman: Where Does It Come From, How Does It Work?
Steven D. Farmer Ph.D.
Retired psychologist, ordained minister and healing shaman who works with earth and nature spirits and teaches people to hear, see, and communicate with guardian angels and other helping spirits.
Teachings of the Flowering Mountain
Spiritual activist and author Martín Prechtel organizes writing workshops and conferences to help people build and maintain their community through ritual.
Workshops and classes in standing and sitting meditation, chi gung and nei gung, taoist and indian yoga and a series of remarkable shamanic workshops in the toltec tradition.
Tree Totem
This Web site is all about trees and how we as humans connect with them physically, spiritually and mentally. Come and see a unique perspective to the standing people.
True Nature
Standing in Spirit

Offers shamanism training, soul retrieval, workshops, spiritual healing, drum and rattle making, wilderness programs, and vision quests.
Twin Flame Foundation
The co-creation of Donna TalkingLeaves and Mats Aguila. Since 1988 their dedication to healing the "separation of body and mind, substance and spirit" has been the catalyst for their work.
Walking With The Moon
An interesting collection of stories and articles on the nature of shamanism and its practice in the contemporary world.
Wolfsong Enchantment
From Sedona, this is a Shamanic and Goddess Source for spiritual enlightenment, books, psychic readings and Sedona Vortex Tours provided by Richard Wolfmoon and Christine-A-Leah.
Woodish Institute
A non-profit organization devoted to education about shamanism and to the creation of innovative projects aimed at the preservation of indigenous healing methods

Wicca and Shamanism

Circle Sanctuary
Based in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, Circle is a central resource for Pagans interested in the understanding and preservation of natural areas, and the practice of Wiccan Shamanism as explicated by its co-founder, Selena Fox. Includes information on their quarterly magazine, Circle Network News.
Earth centered; combines Wicca and Shamanism. Dedicated to connecting students with mentors to promote community education and training for those who wish to attain clergy status.
Flame's Firepit
A resource for sharing and exploring Shamanic Wicca and Pagan philosophy, with original articles featuring subjects of interest to both the beginning seeker and the experienced elder.
Urban Shaman
Offers message boards and classes in shamanism and Wicca.
The Way Ahead Spiritwise
Teaching and spiritual guidance in a variety of new age subjects is available for a fee. Workshops in introductory shamanism are offered.
WyrdWeavers Collective
An ecstatic/shamanically oriented collective and teaching circle located in the San Francisco Bay area.

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