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Asia 2004 Tsunami Video and Photo Archives


2004 Asia Tsunami Video and Image Archives
Links to pictures and video footage of the Asia tsunami in December, 2004.

2004 Asia Tsunami Video Footage

Tsunami Video Footage
Amateur and mainstream news media video footage list.

5 Amateur Camcorder Videos of Asia Tsunami
Tsunami hitting Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Patong beach hotel tsunami video footage

Tsunami overtakes luxury resort.

Tsunami video footage taken from Sri Lanka beach hotel

BBC news report with video coverage

Tsunami Amateur Home Videos

2004 Asia Tsunami Photos

Tsunami Gallery of Images, Satellite Photos .

More Satellite Photos .

AP Images of areas affected by the Asia tsunami in 2004

Photos taken during and after the tsunami destruction of Koh Phi Phi Island

Satellite Images of Tsunami in Affected Areas
National University of Singapore

Asian Tsunami Disaster

Tsunami Aftermath on Penang Island, Malaysiav

Kota Kuala Muda Relief Work. Kedah, Malaysia

More Pictures of the Tsunami

Phuket Island Tsunami Pictures, Thailand

Mapping of Affected Tsunami Regions

Asia Tsunami Blogs, Personal Accounts with Images, Video

Canadian who lives in Phuket
A first hand account of the Asia tsunami as it hit Thailand, by a Canadian living in Phuket

Relief work by non-profit foundation
This is an account a non-profit foundation (IDEP) doing relief work

Tsunami Web Blog, Malaysia: Penang Island

Bangkok Tsunami Blog

Tsunami Help Blog

Phuket, Thailand Tsunami Disaster Message Board

Maldives Honeymoon Web Blog

South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog

Sumankumar's Yak Pad

Insomnia: Live Journal

BoingBoing Tsunami Blog

Worldchanging Blog

Rajanr Blog

The Moderate Voice
Excerpts from other bloggers

Crossroads Dispatches

Wizbang Blog
With links to images and video footage of the tsunamis and destruction in Asia.


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