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Asia 2004 Tsunami Blogs, Personal Accounts


2004 Asia Tsunami Blog List, Journals, Personal Accounts
Listed below are links to Asia tsunami web blogs, online journals and personal accounts about the 2004 earthquake and tsunami disaster in Asia.

2004 Asia Tsunami Blog List,
Online Journals and Personal Accounts

Canadian living in Phuket
Personal account of the Asia tsunami as it hit Thailand, by a Canadian living in Phuket

Relief work by non-profit foundation
This is an account a non-profit foundation (IDEP) doing relief work

Tsunami Web Blog, Malaysia: Penang Island

Bangkok Tsunami Blog

Tsunami Help Blog

Phuket, Thailand Tsunami Disaster Message Board

Maldives Honeymoon Web Blog

South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog

Sumankumar's Yak Pad

Insomnia: Live Journal

BoingBoing Tsunami Blog

Worldchanging Blog

Rajanr Blog

The Moderate Voice
Excerpts from other bloggers

Crossroads Dispatches

Wizbang Blog
With links to images and video footage of the tsunamis and destruction in Asia.

Asia Tsunami Disaster Reports and Relief Efforts

Asia Pacific Natural Disaster
Provides information on the current situation and implications in the countries affected by the recent devastating tsunamis. With lists of hotlines and advice for families who consider to travel to the region and search for missing relatives or friends.

CIDI: South Asia: Tsunami and Earthquake
Archive of situation reports and UN relief activities.

December 26 Tsunami in Indian Ocean
Diagrams showing travel time in hours plus an animation of the earthquake and generated tsunami. From the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Staff Directory [Japan] site.

Earthquake Report
Report by the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, including maps, Tsunami warnings and links for related news articles.

NOAA and the Indian Ocean Tsunami

Offers timeline of events and warnings, animations, video, maps, images, news, and reports from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Includes additional web resources.

Latest news, situation reports and information on relief efforts.

South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami (SEA-EAT) Blog
News and information about how to contribute to the relief efforts.

2004 Sumatra Earthquake
Animated GIF showing the shock waves from the earthquake on an outline map of the area.

Tsunami Asia Disaster
Information regarding how the tsunami in southeast Asia occurred, as well as ways in which donations to the organizations can be made to help those in need of housing, food and water.

A forum to share information in English and German.

UN News Centre: Tsunami in South Asia
Information on the UN response, links to UN institutions participating in the relief effort and maps.

United with South East Asia
Ways to help the victims of the disaster: a list of aid organizations and charities, hotlines, country-specific information and message board.

USAID: Earthquake and Tsunami Relief
Offers an overview on the situation and on USAID activities, a list of NGOs and advice for donors.

Video clips, photo galleries, and general information.

WHO: South Asia Earthquake and Tsunamis
Factsheets, damage reports, aid plans, and long-term impacts. From the World Health Organization.

Wikinews Indian Ocean Disaster Relief Portal
Collection of information about donations, relief efforts, and missing/found people compiled from a variety of blogs and other sources.

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake

Country by country reports of damage, historical and regional comparisons. Includes technical information on the quake and plate tectonics.


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