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Tsunami Asia Disaster News and Media Links

CBC News: Asia Earthquake
Overview, news archive, and photographs.

BBC News: Asia Quake Disaster
Latest news, pictures and background information on earthquakes and tsunamis.

CNN: Waves of Destruction
Latest news, eyewitness reports, background information and video clips.

Guardian Unlimited: Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster
Offers ongoing news, comment and analysis with maps, photos, aid efforts, international press review, audio reports and background material.

New York Times: Asia┬┤s Deadly Waves
Latest news, updates on death tolls and relief efforts.

Reuters AlertNet: South Asia Quake and Tsunamis
Current news, maps, and relief efforts.

News feeds and blogs covering the South Asia tsunami disaster.

Washington Post: Tsunami in South Asia
Current news, text and video scene reports, AP and Reuters wire service reports.

Yahoo! News
Asian Tsunami Disaster

News, videos, and photos.

Tsunami Warning System, Research Links

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
Established in 1949, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) in Ewa Beach, Hawai`i, provides warnings for teletsunamis to most countries in the Pacific Basin as well as to Hawai`i and all other US interests in the Pacific outside of Alaska and the US West Coast. Those areas are served by the West Coast / Alaska Tsunami Warning Center (WC/ATWC) in Palmer, Alaska. PTWC is also the warning center for Hawai`i's local and regional tsunamis

The Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network
The Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, or PNSN, operates seismograph stations and locates earthquakes in Washington and Oregon. The network is funded by the US Geological Survey (USGS), the Department of Energy, and the State of Washington.

U.S. Geological Survey
USA Federal source for science about the Earth, its natural and living resources, natural hazards, and the environment.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is an agency of the United States Department of Commerce. NOAA operates a network of weather satellites, the National Weather Service, the National Hurricane Center, and cooperates with the National Ice Center.

The U.S. National Earthquake Information Center
The mission of the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) is to rapidly determine location and size of all destructive earthquakes worldwide and to immediately disseminate this information to concerned national and international agencies, scientists, and the general public.

Southern California Earthquake Data Center (http://www.data.scec.org/)
Searchable archive of earthquake data for research in seismology and earthquake engineering.

Megatsunami Links

Potential collapse and tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands
Ward, S.N. and Day, S. 2001. Cumbre Vieja Volcano (.pdf format)

Benfield Hazard Research Centre

Science of Tsunami Hazards
A more skeptical view from The Tsunami Society.

The Effects of a Mega Tsunami hundreds or thousands of feet high hitting a coastline

BBC Mega-tsunami: Wave of Destruction
BBC Two program broadcast 12 October 2000

Dyer, Gwynne. Unstoppable Gee-Gees
11 August 2004.

La Palma threat "over-hyped"
BBC News, 2004-10-29

Misc Tsunami Links

British Columbia Tsunami Preparedness
Information brochures, reports and firsthand accounts of past tsunamis, and other information on preparedness and hazard mitigation.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Offers a brief overview of tsunamis and their formation, along with tips on preparation and mitigation.

Jeff And Matt's 1960 Chilean Tsunami Site
Information about the 1960 Chilean tsunami. Includes map of Chile, death toll and damage in dollars.

17 July 1998 Papua New Guinea Earthquake and Tsunami
US NOAA web compilation of scientific reports and field surveys on this event and its aftermath.

Pacific Tsunami Museum
Museum to promote public education about tsunamis for the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Region. The museum will also preserve social and cultural history and serve as a living memorial to those who lost their lives in past tsunami events

PNG Provincial Governor Says Waves Killed 3,000
Contemporary news accounts of three huge tidal waves which devastated villages in Papua New Guinea's remote northwest in 1998.

Science for Society: Impact of tsunamis on Oregon coastal communities
Includes scenarios, images and animations.

Survey, research, extensive links, general information.

Tsunami Data at NGDC
Features a unique set of tsunami-related database, maps, sets, and publications.

Tsunami Fact Sheet
Information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Tsunami from Asteroid Impacts
Research from the Planetary Society Australian Volunteers.

Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Committee
Tsunami Web Links, publications, and symposium proceedings. From the Western States Seismic Policy Council Earthquake Program Information Center (WSSPC).

Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program
Program designed to reduce the impact of tsunami and supported by United States Department of Commerce, NOAA, OAR and PMEL.

Tsunami Links
Offers Federal, State, International, and multimedia links. From NOAA.

Tsunami Research Program
U.S. government program to mitigate tsunami hazards to Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Includes tsunami event data, modeling and forecasting, effects mapping, FAQ, and real-time ocean data.

Tsunamis and Earthquakes
General information from the United States Geological Survey on how local tsunamis are generated by earthquakes with animations, virtual reality models of tsunamis and summaries of past research studies.

USC Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Team
Tsunami research; field surveys, numerical and analytical modeling, hazard mitigation and planning, locations of past tsunamis around the world, and video/animation of actual tsunamis. From University of Southern California.


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